Established in 1925!

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Saving Services

Share Savings
All members of NPOCU must start with a Share Savings account with at least a $25.00 balance. We compute and pay dividends from the day of deposit to the day of withdrawal and post them to your account on a monthly basis. Up to six withdrawals are allowed each month. This a variable rate account and the rate may change after the account is opened. You can access you savings account at any time with a free Visa Debit Card.

Vacation Club
This account is for anyone that wants to save for a specific reason, such as a vacation but wants to keep the funds separate from their other savings account. Withdrawals are limited to one per quarter.

Christmas Club
Need some extra money at the Holidays? Start a Christmas Club account, save throughout the year and then your accumulated Christmas Club will be deposited into your savings account on November 1st of each year. You can save by using payroll deduction, automatic transfer, or simply by making a deposit to your account. This makes an easy way to save for the Christmas shopping rush. Withdrawal is not allowed prior to maturity of the account.